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Rev. Dr. Marcus  Leathers

Rev. Dr. Marcus Leathers


Role at UCP? 
Beyond what the by-laws state as my responsibilities, I believe God calls me into this moment to love God's people in this congregation-to laugh with them, to labor with them, to struggle along side of them, to celebrate with them and when necessary to cry with them. What an awesome gift God has presented!

Favorite thing about working here? 
Exchanging morning greetings-they are awesomely energizing. Arriving at UCP, I am greeted by its volunteers who are outside of the building attending to some needed improvement. Once inside of the church, I'm blessed to exchange greetings with school administrators and even more UCP volunteers. For me, the icing-on-the-cake is saying "Good morning" to Kate, Heidi and Beth. Smiles, conversations and energy fill the morning space of UCP and I love it!

What is your passion? 
My passion is the Arts. It has been rewarding for my family to reside in our nation's capital which provides so much diversity in the Arts (theater, museums, music, dance, etc.). So many of these mediums possess great beauty as well as a power to transform mind and heart.