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Summer Worship

In the summer, Sundays are a little bit different at UCP:

June 17-September 2:
10 AM:
Worship (with Communion and Nursery)
7:30 PM: Evening Worship

This summer you don't want to miss our sermon series Beautiful Things: Exploring God through the Arts.
The ability to create art is one of the most wonderful gifts God has given humanity. We find art and artists spoken of throughout Scripture. Among them are potters, dancers, artisans working with gold and other precious metals and, of course, musicians. This summer, we will spend time in worship focusing on these beautiful art forms and how God can be seen through them.

A different art form is explored weekly:
June 17: Intro
July 1: Fiber arts
July 8: Jazz
July 15: Dance
July 22: Pottery
July 29: Culinary Arts
August 5: Iconography
August 12: Decorative arts
August 19: Vocal arts
August 26: Visual arts
September 2: Poetry