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What We Believe

Core beliefs….

At the United Christian Parish, we have core beliefs that bind us together. We believe in God the Creator, whose love is made known to us in Jesus the Christ, and the Holy Spirit who inspires us to action - serving all in our community, the nation and the world.  

...with a variety of views

At the same time, we embrace a wide variety of views that recognize, accept and celebrate the unique and diverse perspectives that we each have.  We believe that a multi-denominational approach is a real-world example of how people from diverse backgrounds and experiences can come together to build and grow something bigger and stronger than the sum of its parts. 

Four Denominations


UCP joins four Christian traditions: Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)Presbyterian (USA)United Church of Christ and United Methodist. The pastors represent various parishioners are members of all four denominations and come from a wide range of faith backgrounds. Four denominational parents provide us with a wealth of resources to share the Gospel. 
Guests and members come from a variety of faith backgrounds. You do not have to be familiar with one of the four denominations to feel comfortable.

Get to know the denominations and their histories with some fun facts:

  • The 2018 Convocation of Christian Churches Together meets in Wichita, KS next month. Unique among ecumenical groups, it “offers a space that is inclusive of the diversity of Christian families in the United States --- Evangelical, Orthodox, Roman Catholic, Pentecostals, historic Protestant, Racial and African American Churches.” Our four denominations are among the 38 participant churches and organizations.

  • A 2015 United Church of Christ research report on multi-affiliated congregations indicates more are affiliated with The United Methodist Church than with any other denomination. More than half of these churches maintain one unified membership roster and operate financially as one church.

  • Three U.S. Presidents were Disciples. They were James Garfield, an ordained Disciples minister who as a young man served on faculty at Disciples Hiram College; Lyndon Johnson whose Disciples home church was in Johnson City, TX and was a member of National City Christian in DC; and Ronald Reagan raised a Disciple in Illinois and was a graduate of Disciples’ Eureka College.

  • The roots of the Presbyterian Church trace back to John Calvin, a 16th-century French theologian, and minister, who led the Reformation in Geneva, Switzerland beginning in 1536. Presbyterian churches or Reformed churches make up one of the largest branches of Protestant Christianity today with a worldwide membership of about 75 million.

  • Native Americans of The United Methodist Church’s Oklahoma Indian Missionary Conference pray at the Casa Padre child detention center in Brownsville, TX. Housing more than 1,500 young immigrant boys apprehended at the Texas border while seeking asylum in the United States, Casa Padre is the largest shelter in the U.S. for minors illegally crossing the border.

  • The historic partnership approved in 1989 by the United Church of Christ and the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is a unique experiment in U.S. ecumenism. Though remaining two distinct denominations, they have proclaimed mutual recognition of sacraments and ordained ministry and work closely together to enhance the mission of the church.