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Dine with Nine

Share a meal. Meet new people. Extend the table.

Our church vision is to be a family of faith. Families eat together, know each other, and grow in relationship. In faith, we gather each Sunday around a sacred table to receive God’s nourishing love. Dine with Nine extends that spiritual table into homes where God’s love is received in new relationships, deeper connection, and a shared meal.

WHAT? Dine with Nine is a simple gathering with nine persons – some couples, some singles, some church members and some friends, some new to the church and some life-long members, some older and some younger – for a series of gatherings at homes or restaurants for a meal and fellowship. 

WHEN? Each group of nine, led by a “host,” determines when and how the dinners will take place.  Groups meet at least six times between Oct and May.

HOW? Sign up online (below) or at the table in the Narthex (lobby) area by October 14. 

Dine with Nine



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