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Dine with Nine

Share a meal. Meet new people. Extend the table.

Our church vision is to be a family of faith. Families eat together, know each other, and grow in relationship. In faith, we gather each Sunday around a sacred table to receive God’s nourishing love. Dine with Nine extends that spiritual table into homes where God’s love is received in new relationships, deeper connection, and a shared meal.

WHAT? Dine with Nine is a simple gathering with nine persons – some couples, some singles, some church members and some friends, some new to the church and some life-long members, some older and some younger – for a series of gatherings at homes or restaurants for a meal and fellowship. 

WHEN? Each group of nine, led by a “host,” determines when and how the dinners will take place.  Groups meet at least six times between Oct and May.

HOW? Sign up online (below) today!

Dine with Nine



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