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New Year's Eve

New Year

Dec 31, 2017

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Marcus Leathers


As we stand at the threshhold of a new year, Rev. Marcus reminds us that this is a chance to set aside the things which hold us back from fully being God's people. We can start afresh if we are willing. He stood by a table with a cloth covered with stones, a metal pot, and a star-shaped helium-filled balloon on a long ribbon. The weight of the stones in the cloth on the ribbon prevented the balloon from rising. He demonstrated for us by removing a stone, naming something which holds him back, and then dropping the stone into the pot. He then invited all to do the same if they chose, releasing that which holds us back. What you will hear is his stone being dropped, followed by just a few of the many stones dropped that morning. Rev. Marcus then poured the remaining stones into the pot, naming larger impediments that we face as a community. Finally the balloon could rise to its destined height and shine. And so we enter the new year.