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I Love My Church

I Love My Church: Summer Series

No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, this series will help you grow.

Jesus loves us and brought us into relationship with Himself. His death on the cross was an act of love for us. In John we are told it was because God loved us so much that He sent His son to die for us, that we might have real life. He intentionally loved us, served us.

In being brought into that relationship, we aren’t only brought into a relationship with Jesus but also into relationship with one another. Being in a relationship with Jesus means being part of the church, part of the family of faith.

You will experience a love for the church when you intentionally love the church. You will have a deep sense of love for the church when you actively and intentionally practice love for the church.

The 12-week summer series explores the ministries and programs that the people love about UCP and the ways in which UCP gives love to the community. 

Though this series, the hope is to not only highlight what is loved about UCP, but to offer the opportunity for all in the community to experience Jesus when they experience United Christian Parish.

Week 1: A Welcoming Church

One of the most loved things about UCP is how welcoming we are. New guests and members can attest to this. We intentionally work to be like Jesus, to welcome ALL who walk in our doors.

Week 2: Environmental Justice