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Sanctuary Church

We believe that it is our role as Christians to love all of our neighbors. The right for all humans to feel safe and welcomed is recognized at United Christian Parish. We stand in solidarity with our immigrant community and offer sanctuary to those who fear injustice, violence, or fear for their safety.


Campaigning to bring about political and social change is important to us. Throughout the year, JPMT participates in marches and in other means of campaigning. 
Activists from UCP are attending the March for Science on April 14. Contact Sue Beffel to join the group.

Racial Inclusion Discussions

Discussion serves as a safe space for people to discuss race and how we can work as a community to be more inclusive. 

Butterfly Garden 

The new butterfly garden deepens connections among members and guests, the community and the planet while promoting environmental sustainability.

Social Justice Conferences

To become better restorers, peace activists and redeemers in Christ, education is important. JPMT hosts several conferences throughout the year so that we may learn from each other and make changes in our communities. The next conference is May 12, 2018. Learn more.