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Look Out!

Look Out!

Jul 08, 2018

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Marcus Leathers


God is explored through jazz. Rev. Marcus presents both a skit and a short homily to remind us that the church is, in many ways, a Trojan Horse in society. Like jazz musicians, we are living in an age of disharmony and discord, but we have the mission to provide the soothing melodies of truth and justice to remind the world of God's plan for us all. Our "music" calls the world to "Look Out!," to see what God is calling us to be. The skit features three musical pieces: "Melancholia" by Duke Ellington (played by Misha Tumanov), "Look Out!" by Stanley Turrentine and his group, and "Peanut Brittle Brigade" by Duke Elllington's orchestra. Players are: Richard Williams (liturgist and narrator), Ailsa Young (Kadesh), Bill Jackson (Mahlon), Misha Tumanov (David) and Rev. Marcus (Nathan).