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Pledge 2020

What is pledging?
Pledging is your personal commitment to make a financial gift that supports the mission and ministry of UCP. 

What is the difference between pledging and giving?
Pledging is a statement of how much you plan to give next year. Pledging is a statement of intent, whereas giving is actually making a payment.

Why pledge?
Your pledge helps us plan our budget.

How much should I pledge?
There is no right or wrong amount. We simply ask that you prayerfully consider your financial gift. 

Who can pledge?

How can I pledge?

      1. Online by filling out the 2020 Commitment Card below
      2. Emailing your pledge amount to Micaela Hanney, UCP's bookkeeper
      3. Completing a paper commitment card (available at UCP) 

2020 Commitment Card

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Please enter the total estimate of giving ($) for 2020

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