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Pledge 2019

What is a pledge?
An estimate of giving for the next year (2019). Pledging is different from giving in that it's what you plan to give. 

Why pledge?
We are excited about all that is happening at UCP. The future definitely looks bright for us, and pledging is a tangible way to continue grow in our faith. One of the most important ways to support our growth is by pledging.
Pledging allows you to be more intentional with your financial planning and allows UCP to create a budget for our ministries, outreach, staffing and programs. 

How much should I pledge?
There is no right or wrong amount to pledge. If you are unable to fulfill your pledge, that is OK. The goal is to have a pledge total of $510,000 and any amount you chose to pledge helps.

How do I pledge?
By completing a commitment card. On November 4, during worship you will be invited to bring your commitment card forward during worship. If you chose to submit your pledge amount electronically, there will be a card saying "I submitted my pledge electronically" to bring forward on November 4. 

Three ways to submit:

  1. Complete a paper commitment card.
  2. Email Micaela, Bookkeeper, the amount you plan to give in 2019.
  3. Complete an electronic commitment card by filling out the info below. Once you press "submit" the information is sent to Micaela.
    2019 Commitment Card

    I/we plan to give...*


    Please enter the total estimate of giving ($) for 2019

    I/we would like offering envelopes:*