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Conscious Discipline

Our school family uses Conscious Discipline to teach our children to express and manage their emotions, to resolve conflicts and to create a caring community in our classrooms and beyond.

Do you ever feel frazzled as you rush out the door in the morning or as you shop for groceries in the afternoon? Do you ever offer up a sigh and give in just to make the whining stop? Have you thought, “These kids are driving me CRAZY!” Do you long for more peaceful, loving moments with your precious children? If you can answer ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this series is for you!

2018-2109 parent workshops:

Becoming the Person I Want My Child to Be
November 13 (9:15 AM)
November 29  (7:30 PM)

Setting Limits Respectfully
December 10
December 11 

Responding to Upsets and Tantrums
January 15 (9:15 AM)
January 17 (7:30 PM)

Conflicts and Disagreements
February 19 (9:15 AM)
February 21 (7:30 PM)

Building Cooperation & Preventing Power Struggles
March 12 (9:15 AM)
March 14 (7:30 PM)

What About Consequences? 
April 2 (9:15 AM)
April 4 (7:30 PM)


The Preschool uses The Creative Curriculum®. More information. A complete list of the goals of the curriculum is given to prospective parents when they tour or can be found here.

A Typical Day

Free choice time with activity centers including blocks, art, dramatic play, books, media table

Alternating quiet and active periods

Creative art and music activities

Circle time for books and sharing

Outdoor play and active play indoors in inclement weather

Twice monthly Chapel experience

Nutritious snack

Potential extended day Lunch Bunch


Teachers and assistants meet specific educational requirements and are dedicated to the nurturing and development of all the children. All personnel participate in continuing education opportunities.