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Now that’s Community!

Now that’s Community!

Sep 01, 2019

Preacher: Rev. Elisabeth Williams

Series: I Love My Church


In the final installment of the “I Love My Church” series, Pastor Beth explores the nature of community and diversity as it was lived out in the early church and as it is lived out in UCP today. She begins by playing a piano duet with Music Director, Misha Tumanov. They play “Heart and Soul”, which, as Beth points out, allows for great variety of playing as long as the players keep to the central structure. The early church was like that, with people hearing together but not at the price of individual freedom. We strive to make UCP ever more like that today. This sermon, as with most of the sermons in the series, was followed by a video highlighting UCP in the light of the chosen topic. These videos can be viewed at ucpreston.org/i-love-my-church.