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Serve Without Fear

Serve Without Fear

Dec 22, 2019

Preacher: Rev. Dr. Marcus Leathers

Series: Advent


On this Fourth Sunday of Advent we hear the reading of the hymn of praise the Zechariah raises to God upon the birth do his son, John, who will become the Baptizer. Pastor Marcus shows us how this hymn is not just an expression of gratitude for the birth of a son, but also a call to all of Israel to continue to serve God without fear and without hesitation. AS a time when Israel is downtrodden by the oppressive rule of Rome, Zechariah reminds the people that God’s promises free them to be who they are, without shame. This birth, which foreshadows the birth of Jesus, is a reminder that God rules the world and that we are all, now just they were then, to stand up for God’s righteousness and plan for humanity. And we must do so unashamedly, not worrying what others may think or say, because we are children of God. Pastor Marcus prefaced his sermon with a film clip from Roots in which Kunta Kinte takes his newborn daughter out into the night to raise her up before God and introduce to “the only thing greater than yourself”. He follows his sermon with another film clip of Tasha Cobbs Leonard singing “No Longer Slaves”. (https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=no+longer+slaves+tasha+cobbs).