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Aug 11, 2019

Preacher: Rev. Rosemary Welch

Series: I Love My Church


Rev. Welch is a retired United Methodist Church minster who worships regularly at UCP. She is a part of our Mission Ministry and the Ministry asked her to preach on this Sunday, when we celebrate UCP’s commitment to mission work as part of our “I Love My Church” series. She reminds us that Jesus tells us we are the light of the world, even if we haven’t yet done anything to earn the title. We are the light because we believe in the God who gives the light. And because we believe, the light we shine doesn’t come form us, but reflects the One who is Light. As Rev. Welch says, we aren’t called to work harder, we are called to let our work be seen so God’s light can shine. The video she refers to at the end of her sermon can be viewed on UCP’s Facebook Page: @UnitedChristianParish