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COVID-19 Updates

United Christian Parish is taking part in the collective effort to control the spread of COVID-19.

No matter what we will not stop doing ministry. It's important that we adapt, be smart and to continue to be careful. We are praying for you and your families!

Updates will be made as they are known.

Worship: All are invited to worship online, Sundays, 10 AM. You can watch on our Facebook Page, Website or on YouTube. Learn more.
Worship will continue to be online through the summer. A date for resuming in person services is TBD. 

Being in Unity (released June 5): 

The State of Virginia and Fairfax County have told us that we can reopen our houses of worship at 50% capacity.  We will not be doing so at this time. 

Faith leaders bear a special duty. Whether at a mosque for Friday prayers, a synagogue for Shabbat, or services in churches or temples, worship spaces crowded with loving song and prayer present a dangerous risk.  We urge everyone to follow the lead of public health officials, who overwhelmingly urge people to continue maintaining social distance. Faith institutions can demonstrate leadership and set an example of love and care for our communities.

As local clergy, we long to gather in our sacred spaces. We mourn the loss of in person ritual, fellowship and music.  But, we are continuing to serve our congregations online. We are convinced that our faiths require us to protect each other’s well-being by refraining from gathering in person at this time.

Rather than putting lives at risk, let us instead protect the health and the economic security of everyone in our community. Each and every person is precious. The time has come to build a society that honors the call to justice and enables life to flourish. We must strongly advocate for economic recovery measures that extend to all -- including lower-wage workers, people who have lost jobs, immigrants, uninsured people, seniors, people who are incarcerated and small business owners. Exclusion is inexcusable.

Our faiths are bigger than any building. Drawing strength from that faith, we mourn our dead and commit to action. Acting in a spirit of love and an ethic of protecting the health of all is the true way to serve the divine and to love our neighbor.

Our buildings may be closed but our work as communities of faith goes on.

(List in formation)
Rev. Tom Berlin, Floris United Methodist Church
Rev. Dr. Debra W. Haffner, Unitarian Universalist Church in Reston
Rev. Russell Heiland, Unity of Fairfax
Rabbi Michael Holzman, Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation
Rev. Dr. Marcus L. Leathers & Rev. Elisabeth Williams, United Christian Parish
Rev. Rebecca Messman, Trinity Presbyterian Church,
Rev. David Miller, Unitarian Universalist Church in Fairfax
Rev. Barbara Miner, Floris United Methodist Church
Rev. Michelle L. Nickens, Washington Plaza Baptist Church
Rev. Bob Riggles, Floris United Methodist Church
Rev. Stephen Smith-Cobbs, Trinity Presbyterian Church
Rev. Rob Vaughn, Community of Faith United Methodist Church
Rabbi Jessica Wainer, Northern Virginia Hebrew Congregation
Rev. Tim Ward, Restoration Church Reston

Building: The building is closed. The doors will be open on Wednesday mornings (9 AM-1 PM), if you need to get in to the building to drop off food donations or to give your offering (please note the mail is still being checked and you can give online). The staff is working remotely throughout the rest of the week (Tuesday-Friday). You can reach any staff member by email, or by calling the office:703-620-3065. All calls are being forwarded. To reach a Pastor on a Monday, call the church office number and leave a voicemail.

Summer Series: This summer experience The Church Has Left the Building. The series focuses on our continued ministry outside the walls of the building. We are reminded that Church is not defined by a building. The people are Church. Church is living a life committed to God and spreading Christ's love no matter where we are. In this time of physical distancing, we are not isolated from each other. We will worship God, care for each other, love our neighbors as ourselves and be advocates for social justice. Our ministry never stops. Learn more.

Connect Digitally: Visit: ucpreston.org/connect-digitally to see how you can connect virtually.

Virtual Vacation Bible School (VBS): This year, we'll head off "To Mars and Beyond" with a combination of prerecorded components and time with each class on Zoom. Kids are invited on a space travel adventure to explore where God’s power can take them! Along the journey, voyagers discover a new realm of possibilities as they reach for the stars and encounter the limitless power and love of God! Register today.

Pastoral Care: We are here for you during these difficult times. To schedule a virtual pastoral care appointment, you can email Pastor Beth or Pastor Marcus, or by calling the office.

Be a Good Neighbor: Reach out to your neighbors, friends, family and especially to the elderly in the community. You can help by leaving food at their door or calling and checking on them. This is a great opportunity to put love into action.

Online Giving: It will be important to continue giving. You can provide your offering by giving online through Tithe.ly

Resources for Kids: A children's bulletin is posted weekly on our online worship page. Weekly services include a children's time. 

Children's Ministry: Children of all ages are invited to Godly Play each Sunday at 9:30 AM. Contact Pastor Beth to receive your ZOOM invite.

Preschool: The Preschool is closed for the 2019-2020 school year. To learn more about enrollment for the 2020-2021 school year, visit the Preschool's website.