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Healing + Hope

Healing + Hope

Mar 08, 2020

Preacher: Rev. Elisabeth Williams

Series: Lent 2020


Pastor Beth shows us that in this passage Jesus meets blind people twice. The first ones are the Disciples, who are still spiritually blind. They have not yet really understood the full import of Jesus’ message. Instead of pondering how they can be servants, they are jockeying for position. The second is Bartimaeus, physically bind, but spiritually aware. He seeks not privilege or power, but simple healing. And in being healed he dedicates his life to following Jesus. Pastor Beth asks us to reflect on how we see our lives as disciples. Do we follow to gain advancement and prestige, or are will willing to submit to God’s call and follow where it leads us? Due to a technical problem, the first few moments of the sermon were not recorded. During that time, Pastor Beth recalled the time when, as a girl Scout (this was Girl Scout Sunday), she saw a performance of “The Miracle Worker”.