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Who We Are & What We Believe

Who We Are

United Christian Parish is united as four Christian Protestant denominations: 

Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)
Presbyterian (USA)
United Church of Christ  
United Methodist

We believe that a multi-denominational approach is a real-world example of how people from diverse backgrounds and experiences can come together to build and grow something bigger and stronger than the sum of its parts. 

Four denominational parents provide us with a wealth of resources to share the Gospel. We honor the traditions of our denominations in our worship, baptism and communion practices, and in our commitment to Christian education, mission, fellowship, stewardship and witness.

Guests and members come from a variety of faith backgrounds. You do not have to be familiar with one of the four denominations to feel comfortable.

The richness in diversity is enhanced through a unified mission and vision... 

Our Mission

Creating opportunities for all people in the community to experience the amazing grace and love of God, whom we know through Christ.

     Strong Worship-innovative worship within four traditions
     Diversity/Partnership-inclusiveness and hospitality in our
          community engagement and service   
     Justice/Mission-advancing social justice                
     Faith Formation-preparing people for God’s call
     Stewardship-responsible stewards of natural and material

Our Vision 

God’s beloved community on Earth—
committed to compassionate service,
spiritual development,
inclusiveness and


Open & Affirming

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to worship at God's table, no matter where they are on their faith journey. We intentionally work to be like Jesus-open to all we meet, regardless of any "labels" our society may attach.

Meaningful Worship

While valuing diversity in style, thought and inclusiveness, our core beliefs group out of the holistic traditions of Christ's universal Church.

Social Justice: Faith-In-Action

Our Justice & Peace Ministry Team (JPMT) hosts classes and conferences on various social issues, including bigotry, sexism, LGBTQIA rights, environmental justice and criminal justice reform. Following Micah 6:8, we believe in speaking truth to power and participate in marches.

Life-Long Learning for All Ages

Faith formation is more than just Sundays. We offer engaging small group opportunities and classes for all ages and stages along one's faith journey.

Community Outreach & Service

We believe their is no greater joy than to serve God by serving others. Ten percent of UCP's budget supports missions.

A Sanctuary Church

We stand in solidarity with out immigrant community. We are prepared to offer sanctuary to those facing imminent danger of separation from their family, and who need time to pursue legal options.

Interfaith Relations

Annually, we hold an interfaith service bringing together Muslims, Buddhists, Jews and Christians. We join with different faiths in many of our outreach and service events.

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