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"Why I Chose UCP"

People choose UCP for a variety of reasons. Hear what some of our new members said about why they chose United Christian Parish as their church family:

"Years ago, I found UCP and had my granddaughter baptized here and I took here to Sunday School, but I never got involved. Since then I visited many churches, but there was no joy in it for me. Then my neighbor invited me to come to UCP and the warmth attracted me, so I decided to join."-Vicky B.

“We wanted to find a church that was truly welcoming to all. When we walked through the door, we could feel that sense and we have continued to feel it every time we have entered the door.” -Chris & Holly D.

"I am delighted that God led me to UCP, a welcoming and inclusive church family."
-Vivian N.

“I have attended a lot of different churches in different places, but I never felt called to join until now. I like UCP’s music groups and that this church goes out into the community and does good things. I like that the congregation appreciates diversity and also children." -Kristina B.  

"It’s 28 miles from Bristow to Reston, but the drive only takes 40 minutes on a Sunday morning, and it’s worth it. I was raised in the Disciples Church, and Matt was Presbyterian. We searched online for Disciples churches and visited some and we felt most at home at UCP.” -Tricia & Matt A.

“My passion is my deep relationship with God and doing what God calls me to do.  What that means right now in my life is being a member of UCP and working on white privilege/white supremacy issues… not just talking but truly working for change.” 

"I decided to make UCP my new church home because of the friendly and dedicated people I have grown to know and respect. They are wonderful role models dedicating their work to God. During the next years, I look forward to Pastor Beth and Marcus helping me to see the grace of God." -Carol M.

"People are so friendly and the sermons are not too long and not boring!" -Eulene B.

"I was looking for a church, as a single mom and for my son, that offers diversity and one where he felt the most comfortable, and we found it at UCP. He loves his Sunday School teacher, Mr. Jay, and everyone is so welcoming." -Elizabeth E.

"After moving to the area, I searched online for a UCC church and found UCP. I am glad I did! I really needed to get back to that type of environment." -Deanne P.