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Sunday Services through at least April 12:
Online (10 AM)

As a church we are modeling loving each other through digital worship because we love our neighbors and our community. Worship will be online only until a date TBD.

Watch online:

Our website (ucpreston.org/online-worship)

Sunday Services
8:30 AM
11 AM 
7:30 PM (Informal)

Communion is offered the first Sunday of each month at the 8:30 AM service and is offered every Sunday at the 11 AM service. 

Morning worship is a contemporary and traditional blend.

The evening service is an informal service led by members and gathers in Room 117 (across from the Sanctuary).

The beliefs, traditions and practices of all four of our denominations are seen in worship. You do not have to be familiar with any of our four denominations to feel comfortable.

Children are welcome in worship. Nursery care is available year-round for children ages two and younger. Nursery care is available for children aged three in the summers.

You are invited to coffee hour each Sunday. Coffee hour is to the left as you exit the Sanctuary. 

Music is an important element of our worship services. Hymnals from each of our four denominations are used. In addition to traditional hymns, worship features music from a broad cultural background. 

If it's your first Sunday and want to know what to expect, we answered some of your questions here